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Important Camp Work Day







Lu-Jo needs your help!  Please clear those calendars for a very important work day on May 30th!  

Lu-Jo needs as many people as possible to help get camp ready to have an awesome summer of sessions after increased rainfall and the storm on May 16th!  Please announce this at church (what a great opportunity for youth group service project!) and bring all your family, friends, and neighbors because Lu-Jo is a wonderful mission that has made an impact in the lives of so many.

The work day will begin at 9am on Saturday, May 30th.  Please bring a sack lunch, work gloves, sunscreen/bug spray (we’ve had lots of rain so anticipate many mosquitoes this year), some good ‘ol elbow grease, and anything you have available in the rest of these details:

1.  We have damage to Pavilion, but have an opportunity to have metal donated – if we complete these repairs ourselves we can save funds.  So, screw guns, with 1/4 and 5/16 nut drivers are needed.  We may also need to a metal brake to  use for forming the ridge cap if anyone has a contact.

2.  The big lawn mower (diesel) is in the shop for some extensive repairs but it will hopefully be ready for our work day.  However, due to the extensive rain we have not mowed in two weeks!  So, mowers, trimmers, and people to use them are needed.

3.  Two trees are still needing to be cut down in the canopy area and then moved to a burn pile.  We need chain saws, a tractor with forks or grappling ability, a lift to safely trim and remove some high limbs that are ready to fall from taller trees.  We need help in getting this area safe for the kids!

4.  We need a trailer and some heavy lifters to move and strap the excess mattresses so they can be stowed in the canyon that is forming on the north side of our campus.  We need people and a tractor to lift the mattresses, bind them, carry them to the ditch and secure them there for when the waters run…they are running already.

5.  We need someone with a sprayer, the bigger the better, who can spray the volley ball court, the fence lines, and some other areas to help with maintenance.  We have Round -Up and two 3-gallon sprayers, but need workers to help spray these areas so camp is ready for use.

6.   The buildings need to be gone through, cleaned, tissue/paper towels filled, cleaning supplies refilled, etc. so the first session can come out to a camp ready for use!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to make Lu-Jo a great place for all the young people who will be enriched by camp sessions this summer!


Camp Applications are here!







Only a month until the first session of Lu-Jo begins this summer!

Print out that Camper Application (available here) and send it in!

Can’t wait to see you there!


2015 Work Days

Lu-Jo needs your help to look its best for 2015! Please join us for the 2015 work days:

Saturday, February 21st: Tree Work Day – Starting at 9 am, this work day will focus on removing/moving dead branches/trees from the tree canopy brought on by the recent droughts and weather conditions.

Saturday, March 7th: Camp Work Day – Starting at 9 am, this work day will focus on tasks such as restoring water, heating, cleaning all buildings, etc. in preparation for 2015 camp use

The more the merrier! If we all pitch in, camp will look great so pack a sack lunch, bring your friends, and we’ll see you there!

Save the Date!


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