Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF Scholarship Recipients

We have selected and awarded the Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF scholarship to Oklahoma Christian University.  The latest new recipient is Kaleb King.  He joins Kaila Smith who is in her third year of the scholarship.  The applications were reviewed by a panel of Camp board members independently. They were very impressed with the quality of all applicants and stated that, while the evaluation process was enjoyable, the decision was very challenging. Multiple factors were considered including academics, past and present, financial need, reference letters and other factors included in their applications.  All on the committee are extremely proud of the applicants and encourage them  to apply again if another scholarship opens up while they are enrolled at Oklahoma Christian University.  The scholarship is for $5000 this year and renewable for up to four out of five years for a total of $20,000.  All recipients will be asked to supply a yearly update that will serve as a reapplication for the scholarship.  We ask them to review the criteria for retaining the scholarship and notify me of any questions they may have.  We also are pleased that they will be spending at least one camp session every summer following the academic year they receive the scholarship per the scholarship agreement.  We look forward to working with them in future camp sessions and, if the Lord wills, other capacities related to Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF.