Build Week

* Camp Director – Joshua Sabedra –
* Dates – May 30 – June 2, 2018
* Ages – Graduated Seniors – age 25
* Session Cost- (to be announced)

So many campers throughout the years have wanted just a few more years as a camper and now they can have it with Build Week!  This special 1/2-week college session is all-new and is focused on building strong relationships with God and building a support group with new and close friends. This age can be tough on many young men and women because it can be a time of personal growth or it can become the most difficult time in life as they transition from a teenager in high school to college and adulthood. The struggles that come with these transitions are very real and the goal of Build Week is to try and help young men and women stay strong through struggles, build up their spiritual walk with God, and develop deeper and longer lasting relationships with peers.

A note from the director:

Hey everyone! I hope you’ll come out and stay a few days with us for our first year of the college retreat. We have a lot of fun things planned. Possibly even a bonfire or two if God sees fit to allow it. We’ve got a lot of other plans as well, many of them inspired by other weeks of camp and your peers to help make this half week of camp as memora1ble as possible. So come out, see what we have planned, and be enriched by this great time together!

God bless,  Joshua Sabedra

For additional information, Joshua Sabedra can be contacted at