July 2 – 8 is CONNECT WEEK for kids entering 7th grade through just graduated seniors!

CONNECT WEEK is all about connecting to God, connecting to one another, and connecting others to Jesus!

* Camp Directors – Randy Mathis, Troy Rogers
* Dates - July 2 – 8, 2017
* Ages – Students Entering the 7th – 12th Grades and Graduated Seniors
*Session Cost- $150

There’s something special about Camp Lu-Jo Connect because it focuses on reconnecting with familiar faces, making new friends, learning more about God’s Word, finding meaning in your life, and having new experiences all while having a great time!  The mission of this week is for you to form lasting relationships with friends, draw closer to God, and then go out and draw others to Him.  You will leave this week energized and ready to live life in the best way possible through the support of God and your camp family!

Connect Week 2017:

It’s amazing, as you look around our society and within our current culture how many people just don’t really know who God is. Oh, they have a view of God, but often times that view is skewed by personal opinion and by the way the world around them looks at God. Yet the Bible says that we are created In HIS Image. And that thought should demand our attention and should spur us to want to know just who this God is in whose image we are created? This week, as we come together for another year of CONNECT we want to spend some time in the Word getting to know God.
In our morning Bible Classes we will be spending some time in the Book of Colossians learning about Jesus of whom Paul says, “is the image of the invisible God…” (Colossians 1:15, ESV) You see Jesus shows us exactly who God is. In fact, Jesus tells us in John 14:9, “…Whoever has seen me has seen the Father…” (ESV) In the afternoon we will focus our thoughts on some of the character traits of God that are revealed to us throughout the Bible. Traits that will help us to not only know God, but traits that will help us to serve Him better.
Paul would encourage us in 1 CORINTHIANS 11:1 to, “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” (ESV) As human kind we have been made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), but that’s not enough. God desires more. He desires holiness (1 Peter 1:16). As you and I come to know God through His Son Jesus, we come to understand what God expects us to be and when we imitate Christ, then we can truly say we are living In HIS Image!
So come CONNECT with us July 2 – 8, 2017 at the greatest place on earth, Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF…You won’t want to miss it!

CONNECT WEEK “Dress Code” Policy

At CONNECT WEEK we are working hard to create an environment that will help you grow spiritually. Unfortunately, our society is not concerned with modesty and invariably the clothing industry fails to produce an overwhelming amount of clothing for you to wear that will fit into this environment. BUT, we still are committed to holding to a high standard of modesty. So…to eliminate any problems at camp, we ask that you follow the “Dollar Bill Test” for your shorts. While standing, take a dollar bill, turn it horizontally, and have it touch the top of your knee. If the top of the bill does not touch the bottom of your shorts or skirts, please do not bring them. Be aware that we will have alternative shorts for campers who do not have appropriate length shorts to wear, just keep in mind they aren’t usually considered “in style!” We would also ask that you do not bring ANY sleeveless shirts or tank tops and we ask that you do not bring anything tight fitting that would “hug” the body! Please take time to evaluate your camp clothes and remember, “When in doubt, leave it out!”