June 11 – 17 is REUNION WEEK for campers entering 4th grade through 12th grade, directed by Jason Hosch!


* Camp Director – Jason Hosch –  jason_deana@msn.com

* Dates – June 11-17, 2017

* Ages – Students Entering the 4th – 12th Grades
* Session Cost-
* Special Days for Grades 1st-4th – see: Day Camp Session Page

Camp Lu-Jo is like a little piece of Heaven on earth so each session of Reunion Week is a reunion of our spiritual family!  Just like every family has meaningful traditions, Reunion Week has a rich heritage of tradition that will continue for years to come!   whether you are new to this session or have been many times we wish to provide a rich spiritual family experience so that all will want to return to again and again!

Week Highlights:
-A week for growth
-An opportunity to learn about becoming God’s young man or woman; a time to learn about (and develop) leadership.
-Campers learn from experienced staff and campers, and get to know more about the God that we adore and worship
-A purposefully full and intense schedule. We only get to be at camp for a few days out of the year, so REUNION WEEK makes the most of it!

Reunion Week 2017:

We will be studying the next LTC book, which is Acts. We will look at a multitude of Godly and gifted characters God used to spread the Gospel and grow the New Testament church. From Barnabas to Tabitha to Paul to Aquila and Priscilla, God gave talents and skills at the right time to share the good news. We will use The acronym VICTORY to share a message with our campers that God has won and we are on that winning team in the church! V stands for “vision” as we look at characters in Acts including Jesus that shared the vision for the Kingdom of God. I stands for “invitation” as we invite campers to share in God’s continuing story of redemption. C stands for “Christ” who is all around us if we’ll open our eyes. T stands for “testify” as we study amazing characters that testified to the all encompassing grace of Jesus. O stands for “open to obey” as we see Christians in the early church find the why behind obedience to God. R stands for “righteousness” and we’ll see how Jesus makes us right with God. And the Y stands for “you” which means it’s your turn to join the story, Acts 29! It should be an amazing Reunion week in 2016!!

For more information, please contact Jason Hosch at reunionweek@lujo.org.