Strive Week

* Director – Austin Hughes –
* Dates – June 28 – July 4, 2020
* Ages – Students Entering the 7th – 12th Grades, and Graduated Seniors
* Cost- $165

Strive week is a time where we will not be complacent with our Christianity.  Everyone can learn more about our God whether you’re a seasoned Christian or if you’re just now hearing the Gospel.  Strive week will focus on bringing us closer to God and will bring many of us closer in our friendships.  We play games, sports, Bible trivia, and have the best home cooked meals you could ask for… but our focus above all is to bring one another closer to salvation. Keep It Spiritual, Make It Fun!
If you’ve never been to a church camp before or if you’ve been going for years, Strive week is right for you. I invite you to come learn with us, to make friends, and to know our God!

For more information about Strive Week, please contact director Austin Hughes at