Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF is dedicated to training young people spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically in the example of Luke 2:52 “And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and statue and in favor with God and men.” The camp was founded to cultivate spirituality, Christian character, and service.


Staff Members


Equipping the next generation for Christian service by enriching their lives through Christ’s teachings, a Christian environment, and lifelong friendships.


IIn 1960, Mrs. Lucille (Jones) Aubrey, a member at the church of Christ in Walters, OK, made the campgrounds available to the members of the original board of directors consisting of Lawrence Giles, Harold McRay, Bill Reed, Clyde Sloan, and Robert Sprague.  These men gratefully and humbly accepted Mrs. Aubrey’s incredible gift in 1961, and the following summer, the first session of Camp Lu-Jo was held.

The first session of Camp Lu-Jo was held June 23-30, 1962, with Harold McRay and Clyde Sloan co-directing the session.  In 1963-1966, there were two camp sessions each summer, with the number of sessions increasing to three in 1967 and then four in 1969.  Camp Lu-Jo currently offers eight sessions and a fall retreat geared toward various age groups.

Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF will celebrate 62 summers of Christian camping in the summer of 2023!

“Lu-Jo” comes from the name Lucille Jones.

“KISMIF” stands for: Keep It Spiritual, Make It Fun!


Nestled in the great plains of southwest Oklahoma between the Wichita Mountains and the Red River, there is a large youth camp that was founded for the purpose of cultivating character in a manner that appeals to young people.  This camp is none other than Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF, where thousands have enriched their lives in a beautiful setting.

KISMIF stands for “Keep It Spiritual, Make It Fun,” and Camp Lu-Jo has delivered this promise every year since the first camp session was held in 1962.  The camp is operated by Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF, Inc., a non-profit tax-exempt corporation governed by a board of directors of faithful Christian men and women.

Mission & Objective

The mission of Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF is to provide wholesome activity for young people in a Christian environment by enriching their lives and cultivating spirituality, decency, and a good moral and Christian character. The Board of Directors dedicates Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF to the training of young people spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically in the example of Luke 2:52: “And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and statue and in favor with God and men.”

Our Camp Sessions

How You Can Help!

Frequently Asked Questions

“How old does my child have to be to attend camp?”

Each session has its own age requirements, so please check out Sessions Page to discover specifics. Generally speaking, Camp Lu-Jo has week-long sessions for those entering 4th grade through graduated seniors and a special day camp for children entering 1st grade through 4th grade.

“When can campers show up for their camp session?”

Camper registration does not begin UNTIL 2:30 P.M. Sunday and ends about 5:00 P.M. Please remember that campers must not enter the dorms until they have completed registration! If you are running late, please don’t hesitate to contact the staff for that session!

“What if I didn’t have time to send in a registration form by mail? Can we just show up and register on Sunday?”

Absolutely! Please note however that each camp week has a MAXIMUM number of beds available, so it is possible that the session’s registration will close even before camp begins.

You can also now register online on each session’s individual page!

Contact that session’s director for more information.

“When should campers be picked up at the end of the camp week?”

Please pick up your camper AFTER 9:00 A.M. and BEFORE 10:00 A.M. on Saturday morning of each camp session. We appreciate everyone staying until at least that time to help clean so camp can be ready for the next session! The staff are dismissed at 10:00 am on Saturday so campers must be picked up prior to that time.

“When can parents, family, and friends visit during the week?”"

Guests are encouraged to join their camper for evening worship services, which occur daily Sunday through Friday. Please check your session’s schedule for their worship times.

“What should a camper bring to camp?”

Here is our most basic list…

  • Bible

  • Pencils and paper

  • Clothes for a week

  • Closed-toe shoes (something suitable for sports)

  • Sweater or jacket (for cool nights)

  • Cap or hat (for sun)

  • Personal articles: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, comb, towels, etc.

  • Sheets, blankets, pillow, laundry bag, etc.

  • Flashlight and batteries

  • Sunscreen and Insect Repellant

  • Items for Kismif Kapers, if desired

“Can I bring my stereo, mp3, iPad, Headphones, Gameboys and electronics…stuff like that?”"

Camp Lu-Jo is a oasis away from all the regular, routine things of life where you will have a full schedule of spending time with new friends and outdoors in God’s creation . You will experience first-hand how you can have a closer relationship with God. So leave the electronics at home – trust us, you won’t miss them!

“Is there anything else that should be left at home when coming to camp?”

We’ve already mentioned the electronics, but also on the DO NOT BRING list are lighters, matches, tobacco products, fireworks, hunting knives, firearms, laser pointers, playing cards, and/or collectors cards.

“What is the dress code for Camp Lu-Jo?”

Here is a list of clothing items that are not allowed at camp:

  • Tank tops, low cut blouses/ t-shirts, short shorts. MINIMAL length allowed on shorts, skirts, or dresses is the top of the knee when standing.

  • Tight-fitting clothing

  • Clothing with inappropriate printing or messages (as determined by the Camp Director or staff) are also not allowed.

“What if my child has prescriptions and medications?”

The assigned medical staff must be notified of ALL medicines and prescriptions a camper brings to camp.

Please note that all prescriptions must be in ORIGINAL PRESCRIPTION CONTAINERS before they can be distributed to campers.

“Where do we send mail to campers during during a camp session?”

During camp sessions, send all mail for campers to:

(Camper’s Name) c/o CAMP LU-JO KISMIF 178498 N 2520 Rd FAXON, OK 73540

“What about use of Camp Lu-Jo’s grounds and facilities?”

Camp Lu-Jo specializes in hosting families, churches, and other groups for events like retreats, reunions, seminars, and fellowships.

Keep it Spiritual! Make it Fun!

Camper Mail (During Sessions Only)

Recipient’s Name
c/o Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF
178498 N 2520 Rd
Faxon, OK 73540

Other Mail

Please send ALL camper applications, donations, and general mail to:

P.O. Box 2232
Lawton, OK 73502

Email Address

Phone Number

(580) 353-8370  (During Camp Sessions Only)


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